How ADVICE Will Contribute To Your Industry Association 

Members will receive all of the business benefits plus...
  • Create new revenue for your Industry Association
  • Potentially develop a new position with-in the Industry Association, for Disability Inclusion

Benefits for Members
  • High Return on investment  
  • Greater productivity, performance & safety
  • Lower turnover rate
  • 48% greater tenure
  • State/Federal financial incentives
    • Tax Incentives
  • Fulfills Federal compliance needs
  • Enhances brand loyalty and expands a company’s customer base

Success at Walgreens was the catalyst for others to rollout inclusion programs

Walgreens Project Overview

•Walgreens’s Supply Chain & Logistics division (10,000 employees) adopted an aggressive inclusion program in  2004 lead by  Randy Lewis (VP Global Supply Chain) & initially supported by James Emmett (2004-2006) & then  Deb Russell (2006-2013)

•The Anderson, SC pilot site achieved above a 1:3 ratio of employees with disabilities to employees without

•Expanded to include 20 distribution centers across the U.S. successfully employing 1,200+ people with disabilities. Outcomes  from the program were a huge success – some of the highlights showed:

Higher productivity

  Lower turnover

  Better safety record

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