ADVICE is a partnership between NEXT for AUTISM, Autism Speaks, key businesses and community organizations, and a team of National Business/Disability Consultants. ADVICE will assist companies with autism hiring initiatives that will build a diverse labor and customer pool of dedicated employees and brand loyal customers, all while providing a huge ROI. ADVICE will also enhance companies’ workplace & marketplace by improving the experience for all visual learners.

Project Timeline 

  • Assessment of company culture & structure
  • Review of the leaders’ autism/disability vision
  • Determination of best pilot sites & key strategy plan
Initial Assessment (0-3) Months
  • 1-2 specific sites or areas of business need
  • Pipeline of workers with autism & other disabilities
  • Visual integration/management
  • Creation of natural supports
Pilot & Key Strategy (3-12) Months
  • System wide training & education
  • Aggressive Hiring targets
  • Employee lifecycle support
  • Collect metrics for hiring and retention
Long Range Opportunities
(1-3) Years
Key Components
ADVICE will:
  • be a non-profit organization developed by a collaboration of key organizations & partners.
  • set up a national office which will focus on building relationships with national companies.
  • set up local offices which will support pilot roll-out of national companies as well as partnering with regional & local companies.
  • partner with Autism Speaks chapters and autism-focused community organizations across the country to set up these local offices.
  • build a pipeline of workers & customers ready to work & shop at companies who are part of ADVICE.
  • actively & regularly share results & learning with existing funder collaborative.
  • work on both the supply & demand side: working with companies to enhance demand while also working with the autism community to build a worker/customer pipeline.
  • start with funding from NEXT for AUTISM & Autism Speaks, but the vision would create a sustainability plan that involves revenue generation on both the supply & demand side and eventually return a portion of the profits to NEXT for AUTISM & Autism Speaks to further other autism-related causes.